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The evolving School of Public Health, Equity and Action (SOPHEA) is dedicated to the education of a diverse group of researchers, activists, community builders, community health and public health professionals through a process inseparably linked to justice, equity, culture, community health interventions, and development, through teaching learning programs, research, and advocacy.


This knowledge, acquired through community activities, and participation, lends itself to the improvement of health, respecting human rights and social justice through addressing in-equity, disease and disability. The history and culture of advocacy and community empowerment runs deep in SOCHARA. Over the 25 years of work it has advocated and implemented research, education and a host of other important initiatives in Community Health. Realizing that public health must rest and grow on grounded evidence together with sustained community participation, the next steps are being taken


The Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action (SOCHARA) through School of Public Health Equity and Action (SOPHEA) offers a unique Community Health Learning Programme (CHLP). Initiated in the year 2003, it has evolved and grown in strength through a process of review and evaluation. In 17 years, 360 participants have transformed their lives and that of the communities they work with. Most of them have taken on senior and leadership positions in their .

Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action (SOCHARA) is an independent non-government organisation registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 17A (1960).

The Society for Community Health Awareness, Research and Action (SOCHARA) and its functional units have promoted a people-centred paradigm for health and development, envisioned through a community health movement and a community health approach to public health problems. 20+years into its inception, SOCHARA continues to participate and strengthen health movements in India and around the world, supporting and engaging with people, communities, professional bodies and governments for equitable health and development, towards the goal of ‘Health for All’

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