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Q1. What does the Community Health Learning Programme (CHLP) offer? 

The CHLP offers an opportunity for young & mid-career professionals to learn about community health and experience its various options by involving themselves in a learner-centric community learning programme.  

Q2. What are the objectives of the CHLP?  

  • To sharpen analytical skills and to deepen the understanding of the social paradigm of community health.  

  • To broaden the understanding of socio-economic, political, cultural and ecological inter-linkages to health and health systems

  • To strengthen personal motivation, interest and long-term commitment to community health

Q3. For how long has this program been ongoing

The program has been running since 2002 and has evolved in phased manner through a process of review and evaluation.

Q4. What is the profile of the previous participants?

Over 450 graduates of health, social sciences, humanities, development studies, engineering, management etc. 

Q5. What are the previous participants doing now?

Previous participants have taken on leadership or senior positions in different organizations in the health sector across India. 

Q6 I am not in the health sector, but interested in joining after this program.  Can I apply?

Yes, if you are passionate to work in the domain of community health, we encourage you to apply for the programme.

Q7. I am working for the government - can I apply. If so, should I get any formal permission?

Yes, you can apply. You will need to get a letter of permission from the concerned authorities.

Q8. Can I take the programme without undertaking the project?

Yes, you can do the programme without undertaking the community-based project. However, we encourage programme participants to undertake a project to enhance the learning.  

Q9. What do I gain from the CHLP? 

Through CHLP you will be exposed to the large canvas of community health. The programme will introduce you to the ‘social or community’ paradigm of health. It also provides an opportunity to understand the various community health initiatives in the country. In addition, it gives you an option of doing a community-based project with any development organization including your current organization. 

The group-learning and debriefing sessions provide an opportunity to learn, discuss, reflect and share experiences and learn from other’s experiences. The personal mentoring process during the programme ensures that you get ample opportunity to reflect and learn from your experiences along with getting guidance for planning future course of action.   

You get an opportunity to interact with some of the pioneers of community health, public health and health policy in the country. You are also encouraged to attend suitable external training programmes and workshops

Q10. Who will my colleagues be in the programme?

Participants in the program are from varying backgrounds, already working or with a keen interest to work in the health sector. They come from all regions of India.

Q11. What am I expected to do during the learning programme?

You are expected to undergo a week-long orientation at SOCHARA, Bangalore. During the orientation you will be engaged in understanding the concepts of community health, the health status in India and how health is determined by social, economic and political process.

You must attend two 2 hour online sessions every week. The sessions will be held on Monday and Saturday tentatively scheduled in the evening hours. The timings may change depending on the availability of the resource persons. Besides, you will have to go to engage with content uploaded on the LMS

You will be expected to take up a specific community-based project based in an area of interest during the course of the programme. The project can be undertaken in the geographic area where you are based or in the current organization you are working. SOCHARA will provide all the support through their partner networks for the community-based project if required. You are expected to submit a reflective and analytical report of your work before the end of the programme.

Q12. Is there any group work?

Yes, there will be group work. In our experience group work has proven to be an excellent cross-learning opportunity for fellows

Q13. What is the duration of the programme?  

The duration of the programme is 9 months

Q14. When does the programme begin? 

The programme commences on 1st or 2nd week of May 2022

Q15. Is it a full time or part time programme? 

It is a part time programme and you can continue with your current work. 

Q16. How many hours per week should I devote to the program?

Participants will have to spend approximately 10 hours/week for the programme. 

Q17. What are the programme fees?

The learning programme cost is  INR 90,000; however, 90% cost is covered by SOCHARA partner, MISEREOR. We seek the remaining 10% from the selected candidate in the form of donation to SOCHARA.

Q18. Do I have to be based in SOCHARA, Bangalore for the duration of the programme?

You will be required to be at SOCHARA, Bangalore for the orientation, duration of which will be 5 days, scheduled in the 1st of 2nd week of May 2022.  There will be 2nd in-person session held in Bangalore at the end of the programme. We will announce the dates for it well in advance to plan.

The accommodation and food cost to be borne by SOCHARA. You have to take care of travel cost.

Q19. I cannot travel to Bangalore for orientation. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply for the programme. We encourage you to attend the orientation at SOCHARA, Bangalore as it will help to set the pace of the programme. However, for unavoidable reasons you can attend the orientation online.

Q20. Can I discontinue the programme at any time?

We encourage you to apply only if you are sure of being a part of this programme. We acknowledge that unanticipated circumstances can occur which may force you to take a break or discontinue. We will provide as much support as possible in that situation in order to make it possible for you to complete the programme

Q21. What kind of support will be provided after the programme? 

To continue the learning process, mechanisms are in place for networking between participants, and between participants and SOCHARA. These include alumni e-groups, circulation of newsletters, background papers, reflections, research outputs, etc. In addition, the participants can keep in touch with SOCHARA team members, society members of SOCHARA, friends and associates who are located in different parts of the country and the world.  

There is also a need for continuing learning and strengthening the knowledge, attitudes and skills developed during the programme. An alumni support will be formed to mentor alumni in their community health work.

Q22. How do I apply?  

You can apply online through the Google Form, along with which you will need to upload the statement of purpose (SOP), latest CV and provide 2 professional references (email and phone numbers)

Q23. How to write a Statement of Purpose (SoP)?

A SoP is an essay which mentions who you are, your educational background, work experience. Importantly it must explain your intent to do the programme and, how will it benefit you and the work you do. It should be a compelling document and help the selection committee to get an idea of you as a person and your intent to do this programme. Please note that it must be a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 1000 words (not counting spaces). Overall, it must be a sincere document written by the applicant in simple language.  If necessary, you can contact the CHLP-2021 organizers for clarification or support to write the SoP.

Q24. What is the importance of the SoP?

Your SoP is an important document. Suitably of the applicant is largely based on the SoP. We recommend that you spend ample time preparing one. 

Q25. How do I know if I have been selected?

All applications received, complete in nature, will go through a screening process. We will get back to you immediately after your application has been screened. If your name is short listed, you will need to attend an interview, which will happen virtually. We will communicate the final selection shortly thereafter. 

Q26. Whom do I contact for more information? 

Please write to 
You can call us on- +91- 8105218446

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